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Well deserved praise.

Ed Baker

am enjoying my copy the production "feels" good

-like a book should

each page holds the images

whether b/w or color

and the book doesn't have that "slick" pod/lew-lew feel

and: a good choice of paper...

no glare and lots of goodies to re:visit...

and of course seeing my "stuff"

a real giggle...

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Thanks, guys. Ya done good.

Rebecca Loudon

And you're the top of the list! Congrats.


Have to go to the polling saoittn to mark attendance but you can choose to make a donkey vote by drawing smiley face turtle on the paper. Heh :pBut I think Australia has one of the fairest elections in the whole wide world (with citizens who are not afraid to speak out) and it's a terrible shame if one doesn't vote.And yup, Johnny's out the door soon .


Lisa Y: it's gonna be a close one for sure.alyndabear: yay!blur ting: I came here when I was 14 so I never got to vote in Malaysia. And then it took me 18 years to finally deicde to get my citizenship here. So yeah, like a virgin Hey! Papa: not in this country we can't. there's a fine.


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