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Dave Kimble

I would like to add that I do not believe there are enough fossil fuels, particularly oil, to cause very serious climate change. Peak Oil has passed and the world is surviving on tight oil (from fracking shale in the US) which is uneconomic and only surviving on increasing debt. This is backed by the US Government/Federal Reserve in a desperate attempt to keep the wheels of industry turning.

This will fail soon. Then the frackers will go out of business, and the conventional oil companies will be unable to meet the supply needs of the US, prices will rise catastrophically, as in 2008, causing an implosion of the US and world economy, and a collapse of industrial civilisation, which will not, CANNOT recover.

Renewable energy will not be able to complete the energy transition, because the renewable infrastructure, PV panels, wind turbines and transmission grids, itself needs lots of energy to build. The transition to electric vehicles cannot be completed for the same reason.

This will solve the climate change problem, but will create an even bigger set of problems for Humanity, while Wildlife will sigh a huge sigh of relief.

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Dave, the only problem I have with your thesis is that CO2 levels keep rising, and are already past several points of no return. Climate change is here. I realize you hedge your bet with "very serious" so I suppose we could quibble about degrees of seriousness. I will just say that i thing what we've already set in motion will be serious enough. But leaving that aside, it does seem that a fossil fuel based civilization doesn't have long left to live, and that that will cause a vast set of problems for humans, and the animals that remain outside of human control will undoubtedly be relieved. SO I think we are in more agreement here than not - as I said, once we get to talking about how bad, we are agreeing on the main premise. So thanks for writing, I'm glad you came to visit.

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Dave, are you the Dave Kimble that writes for Resilience? If so, I'm even happier that you came by for a visit.

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