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Donna Fleischer

when the ship goes down you better be ready, man, John. radical change on the political continuum is ripping up a system by the roots, but where are the roots? turned to plastic? OR will my unhealthy insurance company cover this? with a ghastly sigh, your friend, Donna

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Hi, Donna. When this system completes its destruction 10,000 years (not that it won't have destroyed itself long before that) from now I doubt I'll be around so being ready is the least of my concerns. As I wrote back in 03, as we were about to attack Iraq, all I have to fight back with are my poems ... I'm not sure the sides are equal, to put it mildly. But hopefully we can still eke out small satisfactions ... ah, this is the way the Titanic deck chairs SHOULD be arranged ... or, better, someone 100 years from now stumbles on one of my books in some immense landfill and says, well, at least this guy knew the shit had hit the fan ...

A ghastly sigh backatcha Donna. You are one of the very few reasons I'm glad social media exists. If only we could meet some day ...

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