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halleluja, you beautiful truth-breaking lips open mensch weaver of angels' souls I've stopped writing poems, too and thought it was my usual but something this time was different and I know now what it is. standing with you as you weave, like a bumble bee weaving in and out of the darkness of flowers, trying to stay alive; take acid-ease by enzymatic therapy to ease the burning inside and drink only alcohol, the waters are poison; rage on. thank you for giving us, me some words to help sweet and sour thoughts. love you John, Donna

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Love you too, Donna. Solidarity! Your commenting the way you have is better than alcohol any day.


Zeitgeist Spam is my favorite blog on the internet. I understand. The worst keeps happening. The current administration has been very successful at sowing confusion. I keep writing poetry though because I feel I have to, it's my only lifeline to sanity.

John Bloomberg-Rissman

First, thanks, Mark. Second, I get how writing is a lifeline to sanity. I think my inability to do something constructive with my rage, i.e. since I can't use it to save the world (make utopia) I may as well make art out of it, because art is a kind of utopic space, too, in a way, is passing, because I too must hang on to a lifeline. And there's no better one I know. To paraphrase the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, poetry will get you thru times that enrage better than rage will get you thru times of no poetry.

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