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Donna Fleischer

All This Burning Earth ¡! thank you, John. you ok? hope so, for me, too. love, Donna

". . . a collective, where direct speech and incomprehensibility are only possible as a synthesis that can bend ideas into and out of the limits of insurrectionism and illegalism. The obvious danger being that disappeared ideas will only turn up ‘dead’, or reanimated as zombies: the terrorist as a damaged utopian where all of the elements, including those eclipsed by bourgeois thought are still absolutely occupied by that same bourgeoisie. I know this doesn’t have much to do with ‘poetry’, as far as that word is understood, but then again, neither do I, not in that way." You be that Hangman, John and I love you for it. Not to disappear.

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Hi, Donna. Am I ok? Yeah, as well as anyone can be these days. It's important to learn how not to let the big picture crush the little one, something I'm still learning. I don't want to destroy myself the way Sean seems to be doing, but I admire him at the same time ... we need his rage.

I hope we meet in person some time. You ever come to California?



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