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Ed Baker

saw this when it was on tv like when they were in an all star game at Griffith Stadium...

Ernie Banks was National League.... so didn't see him play as the Senators were American League... Every time the Yankees were here... I went to see them Damn Yankees play the Senators. one Mickey on each side ( Mantle & Vernon)

That All Star Game that EB was in must have been around 1959 ?


Ed, I watched this every week ... being from Chicago I got to watch EB pretty regularly. Of course, I was only 9 when we moved to LA ...

I do remember Mickey Vernon. But Mantle? Doesn't ring a bell ...

Ed Baker

use to ride the street car in the 50's up 8 th Street to Florida Avenue
and over to Griffith Stadium... watch the Senators play whoever...

when the Yankees were there.... WOOWOW ! The Mick wearing knee braces (both legs) then in Right Field...

If you don't remember Mantle I guess that you don't remember Senators Minnie Mimosa ? or Gil Cohen... how bout Yogi ...

had everybody's autograph... on score-cards and etc. My parents threw everything out... they needed the trunk that was my storage place... out went all of my 50's and 60's notebooks, poems and other "good stuff"

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