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Ed Baker

this the Harry Smith of the magazine The Smith ?
He was going to publish something of mine in around 1973 or '74
.... not sure if he did as
I dropped out in 74 and
didn't follow what had become of me....


It's this Harry Smith, Ed.


I mean http://www.harrysmitharchives.com/ this one. Forgot the link.

Ed Baker

can hardly keep up with the 10,000 Smiths that are out there....
can hardly keep up with my-self

last week someone mention de Campos to me.. (I think that there were (at least) two of them ?

anyway :


richard lopez

beautiful work, john.

i suppose it is tuff to be the 10,000th harry smith, ed, like being the 3,000,000th richard lopez! there are so many of me's with my name i can't catch up to myself!

i think there are two de campos [without doing a quick check via google] haroldo and oswald de campos?


Haroldo and Augusto, Richard. Brothers.

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