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Ed Baker

where IS my shovel ? you actually having a discussion
with this guy ? What a crock of crap ....


Why do you say that, Ed?

Ed Baker

... I guess that he is writing for
"those who 'dig' it ?
I guess that just neither subscribe to

his "anthropology of the general"

nor can I
for-the-life-of my "me"
" come to extend extend beyond the present"

the only thing that he left out of this easy is an
"AHMEN" at the end....

anyway, Antropology just ain't what it used to be... nowadaze you nee a dictionary to spell it .... and a thesaurus-soar-us Rex to whip them nasty Russians into ....submission ?

the point is ? there is no point other than

except to "fee' 'tsupa' for ones' self's benefits

Ed Baker

"fee" shod be "feel"
and I further suppose that

old pond
frog jumps in
....tsupa !

I also left out that personal pro-noun... "I" & its bug-a-boo.... 'ego'

now ?

off into my cave to read :

- The Jealous Potter
- The Raw and the Cooked
- (& especially) The Hedgehog and the Fox

it just might be an huge advantage to be coming into "things"
at this advanced stage (age 73, April 19) of this life
without all of the

that Higher Education prescribes .... & demands...

well, let us see what some of your countless com-mentors/readers/followers have to add to this .....{discussion]

you know them well they are The Few & the Fearless

( opps... gotta go The annual Cherry Blossom Festival up in Vancouver
wants an haiku or drawing from me.... PHAT CHANCE !

Cherry Blossom
messing in my mind
will I see you again


write something when you have less time.... which is running out ?

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