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Ed Baker

neat ! now just maybe someone will do a decent translation of Poet In New York ? the Belitt one (sucks).
In 1968 I was on a train from Paris to Madrid...
was reading (in the open) Belitt's translation
when these two train-police dressed in their black uniforms with the red straps around and big pist-ollas took me to the back of the car
and took my passport and questioned me (for about 40 minuets
and then confiscated the Lorca/Belitt book ...

when I got to Madrid I told this story to someone and the clued me as to who Garcia Lorca was and how he had died...



Well, there's this one, Ed, http://www.amazon.com/Poet-New-York-Revised-Bilingual/dp/0374533768/ref=rec_dp_1 which is also included in this http://www.amazon.com/The-Collected-Poems-Bilingual-Edition/dp/0374526915/ref=pd_sim_sbs_b_3 tho I don't think in the revised version. The big book is a treasure. And there are also bits of Poet in NY in Spicer's After Lorca, if I remember correctly ...

I traveled in Spain in 72. Sans Lorca. Nevertheless, they still yanked some guy out of my train car and for all I know disappeared him. (He never came back). And while we're viva-ing, Viva Durutti! Viva La Pasionaria!

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