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Ed Baker

HOG MAWS not "ho maws" as an "Ho" is an whole nuthher
thing that will cost you...

here is the skinny on Hog Maws:


knowing how pigs are raised wld lead one towards NEVER eating anything of a pig... whether a Hog or an Ho (sometimes spelled "Hoe")

now to use "concantatanation" in a poem ... maybe something about bells ? seriously.


Thanks Ed, I had no idea what that word was suposed to be.

As for concantatanation, a concantatanation of tintintintinnabulations,, yeah, the bells the bells the bells!

Ed Baker

yeah that's what is GREAT about our edyoumughkation system EVERYBODY in EVERY school knows exactly the same things
and automatically knows that bells bells bells poem
same Edgar Allen Poe poem same tests same way of spelling "bells"
getting rather "old" same-sounding, same-written, same attitude crap out there...
etc etc etc....

not necessary to "thank" me just send me a decent REAL Kosher hot dog with the casing what are they... sheep's casings? or some of that healthy stuffed derma also in the casing.... want is to cook it to death in a gadempta pot roast

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