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Both. He was 100% Human and 100% God. He had to be 100% both or else his death had no applicable scgiifinance. He had to be 100% human or else his death would not have been able to be substitutionary for our humanly sin. Also, he had to be 100% God or else he wouldn't have been able to live a sinless life and his death would have only been the punishment for his own transgressions, and would have no applicable scgiifinance.The sacrifices in the OT were a setting up of the Law to show that sin had consequences and to state that blood must be shed in order to cover sin. Jesus was compared to a lamb to give reference to people who were familiar to the Law to show that he would be a similar sacrifice. Only, the Law required mulitple sacrifices every year in order for sin to be covered. With Jesus, his sacrifice was once for the believer's sin, past, present and future. The animal sacrifices were inadequate at best, but the sacrifice of the God Man proved more than sufficient. In his death he paid for our sin (putting an end to the Law and it's sacrifices) so that through transforming faith alone would we be forgiven, and in his resurrection he proved he was more powerful than our inadequacies.

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