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Hey, Darcie, I commented asolmt a year ago that I'd taken the big leap and started my 3 BC's on a raw diet. I had them all at the vet last week (living in South Louisiana we're deep in mosquito / heartworm territory) and my Sundance has lost 22 pounds! Yes, he was overweight at 77 pounds and is now down to a svelt 55 (he is a big-boned boy BC). He's never been hungry (well, he's a dog and I suppose if you asked him that question he'd say he was ALWAYS hungry and has never looked nor acted better. The other 2 BC's started last year at 32 lbs~ and are the same weight this year. I think the thing most interesting to me is the equalization that on the natural diet, the fat dog's weight went down dramatically while the normal weight dogs' weight stayed the same. If that isn't proof that this is the right path, I don't know what would be. Thanks again for the great information you provide you probably added years to my guy's life! JenDear Jen, Yay! It's amazing how that works, isn't it? When the body and brain are being fed the way Nature intended, good things happen. I love hearing success stories and with raw food I've never yet heard any but success stories. I am so glad for you and your guys. Thank you so much for writing to share. Your story will help someone else and they and their dogs will be blessed, too. Darcie

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