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Really talk to your doctor about this one.I had geatnil herpes before I met my hubby. My case is MINISCULE however. I have a strong resistance to the virus. An outbreak for me is one tiny sore and it only happens every three months or so.My hubby has diabetes. He was on insulin for a few weeks. Then our doctor put him on a low-carb diet. Hubby's numbers improved drastically and quickly and he was taken off of insulin and put on oral meds (pills).We've been married 14 years and hubby has been doing very very well with everything. He did once get herpes orally from me and that outbreak was bad enough to keep him home for two days. It has not recurred.He used Acyclovir, as prescribed by the doctor to help shorten that outbreak.Love conquers all, my friend. So talk to the doctor.In fact, make two appts one for you and one for her so that doc can talk with both of you and then the two of you together!


Diabetes and herpes would be a telirbre combo. Even if you didn't have diabetes, you'd have a chance of contracting herpes from your partner. Speak to your doctor about genital herpes, and how it's treated and how easy it is to transmit. Then ask if you have a higher risk of catching it. When you are well armed with good sound medical advice from your doctor, you can decide your next step with this relationship. But make sure it's based on medical advice from your doctor, not just people with opinions here.


It can take several mohnts and even years for a person to have their first genital herpes outbreak after they have been infected. So, you could have become infected 9 mohnts ago, or even before that, and just never knew because you didn't experience symptoms right away. It's estimated about 25% of people have genital herpes, and about half of them don't even know they have it because their symptoms are so mild, or they have never had an outbreak. Also, you can NOT get genital herpes (or ANY other STD for that matter) from a toilet seat! That is a HUGE myth! If people were able to contract STDs from toilet seats then A LOT more people would have STDs out there. STDs are called STDs for a reason: Sexually Transmitted Disease. There is no home remedy to get rid of genital herpes. Herpes is a virus and there are NO cures for viruses. There are antiviral medications that you can get with a prescription from your doctor like acyclovir, famciclovir (Famvir) and valaciclovir (Valtrex). Some people use natural products like lysine or aloe vera. Once you have genital herpes though, you have it for life. Good luck!


There is less then a 10 percent canche of getting herpes when your partner does not have an out break. That is even further reduced if she was on some kind of suppressive therapy (ie Valtrex). Genital herpes can be passed to the mouth but it usually likes to live and occur on the genitals. Meaning there is a small risk of you getting herpes while she doesn't have an out break, either on your mouth or genitals. You can use condoms when she doesn't have an out break but I should warn you that condoms do not offer 100 percent protection against herpes, percent because they don't cover all areas of the genitals that herpes can affect but it should cut your risk of getting herpes down a little.


This is an interesting demlima, although I'm sorry for your difficulties! First, I am not a medical doctor. Yes, usually it is only initial outbreaks that run the risk of causing systemic effects like this. It would actually make more sense if it was HSV-1, because that is usually an oral infection and more easily transmitted (the New England Journal of Medicine had a case study of a man who contracted HSV-1 and actually died of it: ). So I doubt you've had it all this time.My guess is that someone else had a rare oral HSV-2 infection, and somehow transferred their virus-laden saliva to an object that you touched and then transferred the virus to your mouth or eyes by accident, and you got infected that way. This would be unusual, but not unheard of. You can catch oral HSV-1 from sharing drinks. I do not know whether your meningitis will mean you later get an outbreak of blisters. HSV infects neurons, if it managed to get into your body and reach your nervous system without hitting the nerves around your mouth, you might not ever get an outbreak. This is something your doctor might be able to tell you. If she's so totally lacking in curiousity maybe another doctor would be more helpful! HSV-2 can rarely lead to recurring bouts of meningitis, so if you start developing these symptoms again see a doctor. Maintenance medication can help prevent this from happening.

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