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I de senere årene, kan enkelte mennesker sier at en rekke Nike Free Run serie sko samling presset til det ekstreme, men i den siste 2007, ser vi Dunk sin popularitet har vært ut for fritt variere falle.


Count me in I love those necklaces. My favoirte Holiday Tradition is Christmas morning. There were 6 kids in our family growing up and we each took turns opening one present at a time. It really helped us to get into the spirit of the season which is others joy and to be excited with one another. Now we have the same tradition in our family and we look forward to seeing the excitement on one anothers faces!!!


Hi Darcie,I am very interested in dog trniaing, I am taking classes to become certified and train myself and am trying to talk to and watch as many trainers as I can. I am in love with clicker trniaing and positive methods but I am also a bit sceptical about how well it works to treat truly aggressive dogs. A friend of mine has such a dog, very messed up by a really bad trainer he had during his first months of his life. They are awesome in dealing with him and wouldn't give him up for the world. With my own dogs and my fosters I have only had minor aggression issues that I could resolve with good leadership and obedience trniaing. But her case and many others are something I have not yet experienced, but I would love to understand it. So long story short. In an old show I heard Victoria Stillwell say that the very source of aggressive behavior is fear. I have never thought about that way, but it makes sense to me. My friend with the aggressive dog disagrees. We are not fighting about things like that, we are both learning and trying to help each other learn. So I was wondering if you could maybe throw your own opinion into the mix to help us learn. I realize that aggression is still very misunderstood and little researched I am just looking for opinions to help us open our minds.Thanks so much for all you do! NadjaDear Nadja, Good for you! That's wonderful.Yes, in my opinion aggression is caused by fear. Your friend may not see the fear the way that she understands fear for herself. Use a video camera then watch it back in slow motion. Watch the eyes and the body language. Fear is often the first reaction, then aggression is used for protection. When the problem is fear, clicker trniaing will help your dog understand that he can do something else in response to the fear and the fear can go away. Aggression feeds on itself. When the dog finds that aggression works to control his environment, of course he uses it again and again, escalating as his anxiety increases. When we can help our dogs find a new response to the fear, the aggression ends.I'm sure there are several reasons for aggression in dogs. One is bad breeding, not breeding for temperament. Another is mental illness which can be another result of bad breeding. I know that a big source of aggression is bad food and especially those containing corn. I haven't yet met a dog with a case of aggression who wasn't eating corn.One source of aggression is ill health, even physical misalignment. When the brain is so busy taking care of an out of balance body, how is it expected to take care of how we think about things or help us recognize a real threat from a fear realized threat? Same thing for our dogs. I suggest strongly that your friend get her dog to a vet chiropractor. Adjustments and acupuncture are working wonders for dogs who have aggressive tendencies. Here's a video of and some links to find a vet. Tilli is not aggressive but she was snapping at the pups because her body hurt so much. She's 13 1/2 and she's doing great.I hope this helps. Darcie


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Mr Klint has admitted it was not his smartest minute to implement the phrase 'terrorist' to the airplane, but he says he doesn't want people else to encounter inconvenience and embarrassment that he has experienced to endure.
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