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This site truly has all of the info I needed
about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.


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Dear Darcie: I was reading on the ASPCA's Facebook page about Oreo, a piubtll they are euthanizing. Several comments related to Call Caesar Milan because he'll help . I feel the need to comment on why NOT to call Caesar. I am struggling to keep my post appearing sane and leading people to investigate his methods vs. becoming defensive of what they do not realize about his methods. What advice can you share on how to reply? Or in the future to explain to people why Caesar's methods are not to be praised or followed? Thank you. Amy(Dear Amy, I wish there was an easy answer. I and many others have been working for years to change minds and it's been successful, a person and a dog at a time. Changing minds about how to care for and train animals can be difficult. As humans, we like to think that we know best so no matter what our choice of method is, we don't like to change. If we've had some success with harsher treatments, we believe that it works and we'll stick with that until hell freezes over. No matter that there are much better ways. It's hard to say I'm sorry I was wrong and it's harder yet to forgive one's self for having done it badly. It usually finally takes a person working with a dog that they love, from puppyhood and having something go wrong in adulthood, seeing the harm they've caused, to change a mind. Sometimes by then it's too late and a dog has been damaged beyond saving. The good news is that they then become advocates for positive, effective, no harm dog training and will shout it from the rooftops. Converts are often the strongest of most religions and of dog trainers and dog lovers. If you have to suggest who to contact for help with Oreo, you might consider Best Friends Animal Society, as far as I've seen they use only positive and get good results. They worked with some of the Vick dogs and good success. I've been told by the owner of a Rotti that Best Friends recently turned down helping that dog, it had been trained with Cesar's methods and had turned into a biting, emotionally volatile dog. All seemed all right until the dog turned two, then something snapped in his brain, he had had enough, I guess. The dog was euthanized because no one believed they could turn around the damage that had been done with touches , stress, pressure, and alpha rolls. They may turn Oreo down if they think as the ASPCA does, that Oreo is beyond help at this point, and she might be. I don't know what to tell you for sure. Pray or meditate about it. Find that quiet place inside yourself and the right answers will come. Keep it simple. Write something down and then let it sit for an hour if you have the time, then go back and finish it. Don't use fighting words, they won't work. Be helpful, write with love. I hate it and I hate to say it out loud but I believe there are times when euthanizing a dog is the only safe choice left, for the dog and for the people. If the dog is so mentally, emotionally, and physically destroyed by humans that no human can safely be around the dog and there isn't anyone who wants to or can safely manage and pay for the dog's care for the rest of it's life, there aren't many choices left. It sounds like Oreo was beaten regularly and then tossed off of a six story building. It sounds like she's beyond any human help. I wish it wasn't so. If I were Oreo and knew that I would have to live out my life in solitude and continuing emotional and mental anguish, I might at this point in my life, shattered, scared and scarred, wish to move on to where there is no pain. If we could stop bad breeding practices, abuse of animals, and bad training practices, there wouldn't be stories like Oreo's. Maybe in a better world. Some people would have you believe that they have the same energy and strength that Cesar Millan has and some of them do, the force is not specific only to him. Some would have you believe that using words like behaviorist instead of trainer gives a person the right to hang or shock a dog. I don't agree. The trouble is that there are so many more people who don't have a good energy to work with dogs. They lose their temper, they aren't consistent, they discipline when there should be praise, they hang a dog on leash because that's what they think the method is. Using Cesar's techniques without good energy can and does cause emotional, mental, and physical harm to dogs and sometimes even if you have the good energy. It all depends on the dog's heart. Will he still trust and respect you if you treat him like that? If you want Oreo to live and Cesar Millan is the only living human in the world who will try to help, he is your only choice. No, I don't like some of what he does but I also don't believe he's evil. Ask the question, Is death a better choice than Cesar Millan trying to make a difference in this dog's life? Can he save her? Is there a possibility that he can without making her worse? The answer would be another question. You know how he works with aggressive dogs, would he work with Oreo the same way he does with the dogs on the TV show given how she's been so physically hurt? I don't know the answer to that. I wish I could be a better help to you. Sometimes, like in the case of Oreo who is so badly damaged, there isn't an easy answer. Let me end with this. I am glad that you are not being silent. Silence might be golden and only saying nice things might be good manners but they won't change the world to a better place when things are drastically wrong. I hope you get the end you want for Oreo. I'll pray for her right now. Darcie)

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