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Yes, saying that a book of poems is from the heart might sound clhcie, but there is a reason clhcies become clhcies it's because they have been used over and over when found to be true. I was quite impressed by Love Poems for the One You Love, and extremely surprised that I was so impressed. This is, compared to some other Kindle ebooks, not a dirt-cheap book of poems tossed together. Thank goodness! Keep in mind, this REALLY works well for men to keep in a hidden drawer to pull out and melt his love interest at various strategic times! Her heart will soften with these. For example, the aptly titled, Cuddle Time, might sound like a sort of syrupy rhyme but it's extremely touching, especially to a woman in love, and this one poem won a Valentine's Day competition for good reason. It's poetry with depth that the title belies a bit and causes its hearer or reader to be surprised in a very good way upon hearing the stanzas. Men, this book is not for the faint-hearted, it is for REAL MEN who love the woman they are with. The poetry within here actually will boost your confidence and at the same time improve your lady's feeling of closeness and oneness with you. Stairway to Heaven is one such example that tells her exactly what she means to you in a way that a WOMAN relates to ( Now with you I've entered Heaven's stairwell ). For 110 total poems here, you get extreme VALUE in this marvelous collection!


Customer Video Review Length:: 2:21 MinsLoved this book! So romantic and iinpsring, and it really surprised me how much I could relate to each of the poems. I was even more surprised that my boyfriend picked out something like this as a gift for me, something he's not really into, but it was perfect! Very endearing and insightful. There are tons of different poems, ranging from abstract ones about the emotion of love to specific moments in time, like when you first meet someone or your wedding day. I definitely recommend this book, it's the perfect gift for your sweetheart! <3


,Rain is on its way,So if you're going out today put your rain coats on, You can put your wellies on dear and go ositude and play', mum said But come back before it’s dark and don’t go to the lake, it is too windy.'But after the talk,I went ositude and I went past the school,And I walked by the churchAnd down near the wall,Up past the shop,And straight past the park,Then I went to the lake,Mum said don’t go,But I didn’t listen, then suddenly,A gust of wind came and knocked over a boat and down came a sail,It made the waves grow bigger,And all the flags flapped and flutted,And it started to rain,Back home I went I saw a fallen down tree that was in the way ,But I din’t stop to think I climbed over it and carried on,It was 5’oclock so I ran faster THEN!!!Well done, Ellie! You have stuck to JF's style really well. I hope you do listen to mum! Mrs R.


Summer rainBe ready, mum explained,It’s going to rain.Bring your coat,Stay in the car when there’s lnithngig.Don’t forget NEVER lean by a tree,Even if you’re full of glee.The next dayI was woken by the deafening thunder,Blinding lnithngig and the rain exploding on the roof (which started to leak).We had a power cut,So I could not have a fried breakfast.I looked outside a tree fell down,Which made our outdoor furniture lie in pieces.5 minutes later,The storm passed over head.I shook in horror,With a loud bang it was over.Well done, Sebastian. You have stuck to JF's style really well! Mrs R

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