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Weak interactions on earth are very comomn. The week force is one of the two short range forces responsible for the interaction between elementary particles and for radioactive decay. In particular, beta decay is associated with this force. Beta decay happens continuously all around us and in our bodies. Naturally occurring radioisotopes such as carbon 14 used for determining the age of ancient objects decay via this mechanism. Positron emitting isotopes used in medical PET scans are also examples of the weak force in action.The fusion of protons in the sun producing deuterium does involve the weak force, but only after two protons overcome the coulomb barrier due to the high temperature and pressure. And even there, the probability is very small. So small that most of the hydrogen is still there after billions of years. Invoking just the weak force to explain “low energy nuclear reactions” doesn’t make any sense. The temperatures and pressures compared to the sun are miniscule, the coulomb barrier between nickel and proton is much higher than between two protons and the rates, even if they were as high as in the sun, would be ridiculously small. Rossi claims that he renews the nickel charge in his e-cat every six months. Compare that with many billions of years.


I believe at 3:32 in the video the clock reads 9 : 59 dunirg the screen saying it'll take up to 3 minutes to activate the phone. After the cut the phone's clock reads 10 : 02 which makes it exactly 3 minutes! Unless I read the clock wrong


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