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Esse site e9 maravilhoooso, fquiei de cara .. eu tava procuramd gossip e no site que eu costumo baixar ainda tava o sem legenda, dai fui no google e achei esse site aqi .. o design dele me chamou atene7ao, e9 tao pratico, fe1cil e organizado .. eu nao conhee7ia e gostei muito je1 salvei nos meus favoritos.. frequentarei sempre para baixar gossip, house e vampire diaries (: Parabens !


Wow, this post gave me honest-to-goodness chllis....I agree, though, it's silly to try explaining this stuff away. There's too much in this world that's unexplainable. Even though hauntings may be unbelievable to some, is it really that hard to at least believe it's a possibility? (Apparently so, but I'm a definite believer, so the "explaining away" still doesn't make sense to me, heh.)

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