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Could there please be a hard copy reaelse?I don't like iTunes and i've got everything else hard copy. Thanks - Luke 0 0


Well well. Turns out I was right about this one. Today, over a month later, after being told it's OK to camp out as they occupy Wall Street, the N.Y.C Gestapo gave the orpeciucs the Get out of Dodge by 1 hour or else utimatum.Like usual, the govt allows us mice to play freedom until it bores them. Then it kills us with law enforcement bullying. Well the orpeciucs stood their ground and told the govt to go to hell. That’s the spirit we haven’t seen since the Nam fiasco. I may not agree with all their gripes and complains but I like these people a whole lot better than the straight lased phonies that gather for luncheons or pot lucks to compliment and complain to each other and accomplish nothing. “Passive activism” comes to mind. The hell with that too and God bless them orpeciucs where ever they may be! Oh, and stay tuned for on location vidio of the Oct 8 Missoula Occupation.

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