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Ed Baker

I saw that interview....
we got a very intelligent man in this country that The Media dismisses as a (...):

Dr. Cornel West

the rich are NOT going to solve this problem. an example

they just gave the predominately black football/basketball players millions

while the predominately white owners got BILLIONS

OH WELL the Redskins play friday night 1 hour of football and 3 hours of Chevy Volt and Victoria's Secret commercials ...

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Henry Louis Gates was busted entering his own home a couple years ago for "Living while black" ...

No, rich white folks won't solve any problem ... except perhaps which fancy gin to order (not that I have anything against gin ...)

Ed Baker

heck I recall the police blew up an entire fucking block just to kill 4 or 6 Black Panthers
when they could have just arrested them on charges of
not jumping high enough !

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