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Let's all say Happy Birthday to Elvis Presley!


OK, I like Elvis. Even if he wanted to narc for Nixon, I like Elvis. So; Happy Birthday Elvis!


I stopped litsening after the first minute. My rule of thumb is that I allow myself to listen to the first minute of his speeches. I figure if he doesn't resign within the first minute, then it's unlikely he's going to resign, so I stop litsening. I did try to read summaries of it. The first summary I read was Paul Krugman's (only because his post was at the top of Memeorandum). Krugman was not hyperventilating with disgust about it. Rather, he was fine with it. Therefore, I know I will hate it. Why let my blood pressure rise by reading the speech when I already know I'm going to hate it? So, I stopped reading any other summaries.

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