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Ed Baker

you are not the only person that thinks

there are damn few of us left...

so now the will tap ALL cell phones without a warrant
instead of cutting the police force/police budget (as they were going to do) triple it

get advice from the LA/Watts U.S. police on hoe to control the ... Lawless Mobs maybe the will hire those Kent State police?

they're just about to throw more gasoline on the "fire"

not like us here in the States...
we just continue to throw rocks at the Hornets' nest

only thing that will solve this "problem" REAL BULLETS

and a pair of NIKE Jordan's in every pot!

not like here where our Poor have a lucrative future

either through winning the next $127 million lottery or
via a professional sports' team contract or winning a recording contract via one of those 'I Can Sing & Dance" reality shows

Ed Baker

here is more:

there is a famous book by a famous Historian/Scholar that these points are taken from I forget his name:


Ed Baker

those 14 points ?

Here it is one Dr. Britt 2003


I recall reading this when it was published in a magazine

seems like there was more discussion by him on each point

Alan Baker

They let the students wreck Conservative Party HQ and destroy an old police van deliberately left in a 'kettle', as both made for good news pictures, so you may well be right John. I believe the original Tottenham riots did catch them by surprise and wrong-foot them, but the subsequent 'hands-off' approach to looting is very suspicious. Only minor disturbances in Nottingham BTW. Alan.


I think Evan Calder Williams has been very good on this stuff. DO you read Socialism and/or Barbarism?

Your country or mine, or anywhere, tough times ahead ...

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