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Wow! Great artilce - and some weird conmtmes. For those who would choose a different route than the author (premarital sex, birth control, etc..) - I didn't see the author claiming that such choices weren't within their rights - but that the rest of us shouldn't have to pay for however others decide to exercise their "rights." And I just couldn't let this go by: "If someone got pregnant and was unable to afford an abortion, they most certainly could not afford to raise a baby. You seemingly believe the only reason to have sex is for the purposes of reproduction, but many others enjoy having recreational sex and some times accidents happen. These accidents, these unwanted babies, should not be forced into a world they will not be loved in because you don't want a .09% tax hike. "First...abortion is not the only answer to such a situation. I cannot remember what the wait time is to adopt an infant in the US, but it's quite long - the suggestion that an unplanned pregnancy results in a child who would not be loved is a red herring. AND...since when should I pay for the consequences of your recreational activities? If you are shallow enough to use sex for recreation without the awareness that it is, by design, intended to cause reproduction...well, then perhaps you're not mature enough to engage in that particular act. I personally think that a person who cannot appreciate the fact that he wields a potentially-lethal weapon when he drives a car shouldn't drive; and if you aren't willing to be responsible about the potential life you are creating for your "recreational" enjoyment - then maybe you should take up knitting or some other hobby. In what other forum would we say that we have a right to recreational activity that may result in the "need" to kill someone else - and, by the way, I want the tax payer to pay for that? Lunacy. ANYWAY...back to the article: well thought out and well-written. Just because someone has a "right" (be it real or perceived) does not mean that others are responsible for providing it to them.

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