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Ed Baker

you think Necib is "hot"

just wait 'til the world tunes in to those near-naked skinny girl volley-ball players at the London Olympics next year..

gonna be about a block away from where The Queen resides

heck the tickets for the run-through practices are already sold out

and the tickets to the olympic women's volley-ball already selling on the secondary market for big bucks...

tonight there will be 1600 + TRAINED riot police (Bobbies) all
using plastic or rubber bullets

reminds me of Watts now 40 years later and Watts is still a sewer.

just don't light a match near any sewers here in the Strates or there in Londone:

them sewer-gasses go BOOOOMMM ! eventually

Ed Baker


16,000 cops not 1,600 !

those numbers should settle this "problem"


The only things that will settle the problem:

1) killing all poor disenfranchised people. But wait, that won't work; they're needed to keep wages down.

2) Enfranchising those people and ending their poverty. Oh, wait, that won't work ...

3) Totally naked female athletes (NOW we're talking ...)

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