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rebecca loudon

Please please stop sampling my work and my commenter's comments unless of course it's your own comment.

rebecca loudon

ps. If you asked permission of Marylinn Kelly then I rescind my comment above. I did find a line from one of my blog posts in one of your books and recognized it right away because my ego is just that big and there was no referent to it anywhere in your book!

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Rebecca, I did stop sampling you, as soon as you asked me to. I honored your request. I sampled a word verification word, that came up when I left a comment. Since what you asked me to do was to leave your words alone, I was not aware that you cared whether I sampled comments. I have sampled dozens if not hundreds of comments from all over the place and no one has **ever** complained. Nevertheless, I will never touch anything even remotely associated with Radish King ever again. The **only** way your name showed up here was in my annotation. I did **not** sample you.

Re: what you found in the book: If you were sampled it was **before** you asked me to stop. I have trouble believing I sampled you without acknowledging it, since I annotate everything. But of course you have no reason to make it up. So I must have slipped. If you can point it out to me I will fix it if it's on ZS, and will make sure that if the book is ever republished the appropriate acknowledgment will be made.

Just so you know, 3 people have asked me to stop sampling them. I stopped in all 3 cases. 1 of the 3 wrote me later and told me he'd changed his mind. But since I know he's sensitive, I never sample him without mentioning his name next to his bit, e.g., "As X say ..."

I try to be scrupulous. I'm sorry I irk you.


Lynette, get back to work! LOL! But those doggies look like they could be tlubore if left alone for too long. Like our manuscripts, if they lay for too long we could be in tlubore. Right?We will be here when you return Lynette. We'll miss you though. And I'm sorry I've been a little MIA lately myself. I promise I won't be away for too long. Post on facebook and I'll be there. Take care Lynette! Karen McFarland recently posted..


Other YouTubeniks blow bandwith ranntig about losers like VenomfangX or that sh*%heel Peter Popoff, but only Richard Cardo could waste years trying to implicate sombody in the Ramsey murder BY GOOGLE IMAGES ALONE. No physical contact, no interviews, just sorting through the intertubes .Robert Graysmith, the guy who wrote a book implicating Arthur Leigh Allen as the Zodiac Killer, at least talked to people, went through police files, tried to prove his theory with solid evidence. Richard Cardo is FAIL from beginning to end.

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