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Hi RachaelIt's fine to send less. We like to have a selection of poems for a few rnoases. Most obviously, it gives us more work to choose from – often we'll like a poet's style but not the content of one particular poem, so having a selection allows us to see a poet's style in a few different contexts. We also like to print a short set of poems rather than a single poem where we can. It gives each poem a little more space to breathe, giving readers a chance to get into the poet's world a little. Like music, where you can often get a better grasp of a song when it sits in an EP rather than just being a single download somewhere, we really enjoy dedicating a nice chunk of space to a poet.Hand delivery is fine.All the best,Mike


Hello all,This is aaluctly Perre. My PR team aaluctly sent me this in my email Thanks for the shout out lesser profile artists need more media recognition. I believe the ones who are hogging the cameras here in the US are frankely not worthy There are so many brilliant artist who do not make headlines because they don't fit contemporary ideals of beauty or something really topical like that. Anyway, please feel free all to email me anytime atlook me up on youtube.comtype in:Ra Perre SheltonWith love Ra Perre

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