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I think of all of this poetry as librettos for rock operas!! always great, always real. thank you!

richard lopez

hey, this is fortuitous! i just read that piece on francis alys in the new yorker and the dude sounds like my kind of goofball post-bueys kind of guy and after reading some blogs point my browser to get to know a little about the belgian-mexican transplant and here you are, john, already incorporating some text about him into your poem. i'd say it's a small world but maybe it's also a world made up of like and like-minds. hmmm. . .

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Thanks, Bea! All we need is someone to set it to music ... And Richard, it is a small world. I first learned of Alys about 4 years ago when I saw an exhibit of his at the Hammer Museum. Hmmm it must be longer ago than that because I really wanted to see the show. Anyhow, I fell in love with his work, esp the How to Move a Mountain project.

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