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I all almost all of the blogs I read to Google Reader ... so if a blog isn't GR frniedly, I don't keep it (sorry Se7en) except when I happen by occasionally - even if I really LOVE that blog. I will click through if I want to leave a comment - but usually it gets left on the reader and commenting gets "put off".I went through my blogs yesterday - deleted about 40 that no longer post. Another 30 that the content that I enjoy is sporadic (mostly I delete them without reading). Another 20 that I just will no longer have time to keep up with (activities for homeschooling, research, lots of reading and chewing posts). I'm down to around 80. Criteria for getting to stay? 1. Easy to read in GR. 2. No music if I click through (do you know how that sounds when you have 2 or more of those open?) 3. relevant content. 4. must be able to copy the page (my best friend has no internet and I copy things for her to read at home, makes her feel more connected to the world) 5. somebody that I actually know or have gotten to know. I comment on maybe 20 - 30% of what I read.Also, I've signed up for quite a few of my favorite blogs (Happy Housewife for one) in Facebook - I do 90% of my commenting there, and I've noticed that 90% of my comments for my blog are on my FB feed. Interesting.FB is time consuming - but I wouldn't cope without my family's prayers during the day. My sister talks on the phone. I Facebook. (Is that bad?)


The Jacksonville, Illinois male received a credit card assertion that showed he had a zero greenback equilibrium, even so the bank was nonetheless charging him $39.23 in desire in any case, according to the Chicago Tribune:


Hiebert explained the man and boy arrived within a redcoloured truck with Missouri licence plates, even though the man had a Colorado driver's licence. He explained both seemed drained, even so the boy appeared to be {fine|good|fantastic|


Process This report addresses identification of infants in danger for retinopathy of prematurity, detection, and procedure of significant illness, and what to do when procedure fails.


"My father was a beautiful role product. He instilled the intrinsic worth of work. As he walked from the dwelling, he hummed, 'Make a contribution. Create a contribution.' As the baby, I remembered that," she explained.

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