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You mean you have to cghnae the oil? Duh, I can never buy a Lexus again. If I don't have a light go on to tell me it's time to cghnae the oil, then I forget. That was a $7000 oops! I consider myself mechanically challenged... Machines and electronic things just confound me. I have begun to think that I have this aura of a magnetic field that breaks things- watches, computers, cars, cameras, phones, and anything electronic. When I am standing in line at the store and there is a computer that shuts down unexpectedly I secretly blame myself. (I did it again... It's that evil spell!) It has become a standing joke at work. I know that I send out this jinxing energy to all electronic things. Have you ever heard about those people who spontaneously combust? We have a beautiful state of the art wide screen TV in the family room with 5 remotes and I'm afraid to touch it. I'm sure that it would be disastrous (It's a wonder that I even have the courage to fly; but that's another story.) Thanks for the free advice about cars. But your damn spy ware in tip 3 crashed my computer! (Gotta go back to the Apple store again!) People like yourself that understand machines and electronic things elude me. You practice Voodoo! It seems to me that being a mechanic is more like being a magician than just simple logic


Quite JERmorous!I will ply you with chocolate cake for the meaicnhcs secret. With homemade fudge frosting thicker than any motor oil you've ever seen come out of a poorly maintained car. And far tastier. I'll make you the Rolls Royce of cakes, rich, hard to come by, much envied by all who have to eat Ding Dongs instead of the cake that will be on your plate. You like cake, JER, I know that. Gotcha, yes? And I deliver within a 120 distance which I believe will include your neck of the NE woods. My minivan has GPS. But ho the heck wants to follow ME to Trader Joe's and Costco though?

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