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Ed Baker

same thing now erupting in Jordan...

looks like Moobarach gonna be gone 'officially' by Friday..

if he is not already in England with his two sons an a basket of gold!

which he most likely is (in England) and the Media is just pretending that he is yet in Cairo..

gonna be interesting (for the USA & et ceteras) to see what happens in the Middle east when The Muslim Brotherhood
takes over 'driving the bus'

meanwhile here in D.C. a pound of cheap hamburger at 'that's MY G I A N T' yesterday selling for $5.48 PER POUND!

net thing y'all will see..... food riots in Washington, D.C. !

what was that song?

first we take Moscow
then we take Manhattan

I liked the Joe Cocker version...

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Interesting times, eh? I'm glad to be living through them ...

Ed Baker

"very inter-resting", comrade."

as long as i got my VISA GOLD CARD
and my $99 per month access to excess via The Net

I'll be able to survive on the garbage thrown to the curb every Friday for the Waste Masnmage-meant, government paid for pick-up trucks
too ..... pick up and transport, via barges down the Mississippi to New Orleans


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