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Maakies has always run the gamut from grleesqutoy offensive to heartbreaking and poignant. That's one of the many great strengths of the strip. My two personal favorites are the one where Gabby drives the speedboat with the captain's daughter and thinks she can smell his hard-on, and the one where Drinky Crow, most-likely sick with the deetees, kicks an empty bottle before looking up to see the top of a beautiful, old building, framed by flying birds. The first strip is crass, vulgar, and fuckin' funny, while the second strip makes me happy that I haven't yet killed myself, because there's still beauty in the world if I (the reader) choose to look up once in a while.Anyone who is so offended by a slapstick fried dog that they would choose to abandon the strongest comic currently running, doesn't have any god damn sense and is welcome to get their daily affirmations from the modern mutilation of Nancy (which I find grotesque and offensive) on some other website. I'm sure Tony won't suffer great emotional or financial pain at the loss of your free subscription. As my mama used to tell me, growin' up, Fuck em if they can't take a joke.


I've done something that just eats me away or mosreo I DIDN'T do something.I was in Kenya preaching at a church in the poorest areas of Kenya and I was giving a message on how God will provide and how He is called the Great Provider. Well during my sermon Satan had been holding me back on presenting the gospel. He just kept feeding me lies these people don't need it, Jared All of them are saved You'd offend them if you presented the gospel and I didn't. I listened to Satan's deceit. What REALLY tears me up though is that the whole time I was preaching there was this one guy God put on my heart he looked like he was extremely depressed (mosreo than the rest of the people) and that Satan was just bothering him and tearing him up ..I KNOW that if I would have presented the gospel he would have raised his hand. I felt it. But i listened to Satan's lie. THIS is what pushes me to present the gospel. Scripture does, but this is a HUGE BURDEN God has put on my heart - to present the gospel every time. Why? Because that's what it's all about. Loving others and sharing Christ with them.

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