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Omo Bob

Gay Purr-ee (1962)... animated feature about a country cat (Mewsette) who runs away from the farm to find romance, culture and excitement in the big city (Paris). Her boyfriend (Jaune Tom) and his buddy (Robespierre) figure out where she's gone and chase after her. But before they can find her, she meets a villain cat (Meowrice) and his partner in crime (Mme. Rubens-Chatte) who want to glamorize her and sell her to Mr. Phttt who lives in Pittsburg and who wants to buy a wife. They lead Mewsette to believe that they are going to teach her how to be sophisticated and glamorous. Jaune Tom and Robespierre eventually arrive in Paris, but have no idea where to begin looking for Mewsette. Will Jaune Tom be able to rescue Mewsette before she's shipped to America?

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Thank you, Omo Bob, I guess "Mewsette" would have solved this, but not in as glorious a version as you provide. Big hugs, big wet smooch!


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