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Ed Baker

jus' re-member being
"Normal" in America is
being sick!

when they told me after that scan ""your arteries are "normal""
turned I had 3 arteries over 95 % blockaged ! good thing that they
where not necessary.... LAD's wayyyyy down and in the back of the heart...

this MI was about 1984... now the numbers that they say are healthy have been lowered...the stroke was in 2003

at the rate I am going I'll die "drug-free" sometime in my 90's!
the you can see me in one of those Silliman boxes...

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Ed, "those Silliman boxes" ... the new virtual gravestone?

I'm not worried about the numbers, nor is my doctor. Not really. She just said, "Walk a little more, quit eating all those cookies." Basically.

I do need to live a while longer, tho. At this point Silliman probably won't "dig" a box for me ...

Omo Bob

A1c 6.8, down from 7.7... no new meds required.

richard lopez

a few years ago my cholesterol was stratospheric, anna was worried so i cut out the ben & jerry's and other shit, and it dropped to normal within a month. however, that month i felt like i was living in a lab what with all the blood drawn and shit. it seemed that if pollock was still alive and using syringes rather than paint drops i was his canvas.

John B-R

Omo Bob: most excellent. I'll call you this weekend.

Richard: my doctor says tighten up the diet and exercise harder. Just climbed a giant hill at full speed with the guy in the office next to mine; he does it regularly, I'll just tag along. The diet bit should be easy; I let myself slack when I got older than my dad. I go back for more blood tests in January.

I think there have been artists who paint with blood.

Omo Bob

blood is god's paint, we are his tubes...

John Bloomberg-Rissman

That's good; gonna use it? If not, I will ...

(waste not, want not!)

Ed Baker

speaking of "bad-blood" tests..

Diane Sawyer is reporting on that Guatemalan syphilis/penicillin experiments
and "I AM SHOCKED!", she says!

we did the same thing to poor blacks down in Tuskeegee!


et cetera....

John Bloomberg-Rissman

She probably is shocked. She's payed to be shocked.


I've had 3 bloody tests in the last 6 months, now I'm good for 6 months, usually I don't think twice about it. But, a couple years ago I had the most inept phlebotomist on the planet, she looked at my arms and said, "Oh no, this isn't going to be good." On her second puncture I went down; woke up connected to one of those little carts and a team of folks staring down at me. Haven't seen her in the lab since.

John Bloomberg-Rissman

What the hell did she do to you!?!?!

John Bloomberg-Rissman

I wonder if they sent her off to Afghanistan ...

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