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Ed Baker


the 'event' took place on a Yapanese Bullet ...train.

I liked the part where the train entered the tunnel... at the other end came

and then at the end of the film the two nurses asked me for my ....personal ...financial ... information...

you can find this film via ggooogggeeelllling and Ooggeling:

Train Sex.com

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Did you find the cuts to the scenery distracting? Or did they get your personal financial info anyway?

Ed Baker

I find ALL cuts dis:tracting

'speciallly and pacifically when they just... like Old Soldiers..
fade away
over and over and over

was looking for that Clovers'
1950-something tune with the line in it: "Over and Over and Over again I fell in Love with You"

but found this by NEllY (whoever HE is)
which will do, just fine...



p s

so, not to worry:
always I give a phony bank account number, a phony SS # and lie like hell about my age, my net worth, and the size of my 70-years-old .... putz!

thanks for asking. write again...when you have less time.


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