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Ed Baker

what happyended to his baggy undies!
Nancy see this?
this is ....certainly

I never realized that Gee Ache had such bigg... feet!

Geof Huth

Well, it looks pretty much like me, except for the hair on the head, and I'm dressed about right for my next reading. I'll send you the picture of how I'll look, John.


Ed Baker

SPARE ME the the specificities!
I got enough dreck to deal with
on the internext!
besides, I am interviewing another
possible muse tomorrow.. at precisely 9:33 a.m. after I eat my runny sunny side ups!

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Good to see you had fun - and managed to photograph some tricky mittens!

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I loved every minute, except the pullups as I'm used to thinner bar at our box back in Wales, UK. It was amazing to feel the Crossfit buzz in Santa Cruz, you guys live in a special place. I will be back at some point. If any of you venture to Wales google Crossfit Velocity Swansea and you'd be warmly welcomed! Thanks again Hollis an crew.

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There's no crosswalk there, but I'm surprised the driver didn't see her, what with two friends having just crossed before her.

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a new generation travels the 200 some miles once a year to the place that my Grandma and Grandpa starting going to in the 50's. My cousins and their kids. People I only see once a year

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Rossetti pleaded responsible last week to the last of his costs on the state police investigation. He won be away from jail until eventually he in his sixties.
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United have not commented on why Mr Klint was faraway from the plane but alternatively have told Mr Klint that an 'extensive inside investigation' is underway. They have also provided a statement with regards to their policy:


"It's really tough not to monitor that," Hiebert stated. "If he would've paid out money, it might were distinct."


The 24,one zero five term story inverts the standard question of who have to pay back for health and fitness treatment and asks in its place: Why are we paying so much?


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2. Document specified illustrations of how the Federal Government has failed to honor people claims.


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In August, he charged a family vacation rental to his charge card, resulting in the $5,734.thirteen harmony. Weeks afterwards, he received $1,450 in credits from two retailers, lowering his harmony to $4,284.thirteen.

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Aid to states. Obama would devote $35 billion to aid constructed to forestall layoffs at educational facilities, police stations, and fireplace departments where by nearby governments confront price range shortfalls.


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