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Omo Bob

The world I find outside my door is substantially different than the world I find through my browser...

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Let's hope so, bro. But 90K people think war crimes, our/their war crimes, are something for making star wars jokes about. And some guy found it worth writing an article about. And the Atlantic found it worth publishing. Of course the war is not sacred, and people can find their gallows humor wherever they find it. But there's something *indecent* about how quickly these docs were turned into "old news" or "no news' or punchlines ... Are the people you speak with upset about what the leaked docs have revealed?

Omo Bob


remember, as Mom always said, "the worst are filled with a passionate intensity..."

and as Dad always said, "all the young dudes carry the news..."

Me, I need T Rex and all I've got is TV...

Ed Baker

Afagan docs? Oil gone? economy recovered? American made electric car for $47,000? etc etc etc

heck. no time for trivialities here in D.C.

they signed their 'hold out' player... $36 million for three years ...and that big guy Hainsworthy who gets $12,000 per minuet on or off the field (AND WHO FAILED the fitness test yesterday he couldn't 'run' 50 yards in 12 minuets) of "play" and that new quarterback... and that new coach coaching... well between the Washington Deadskins who will "take the team to victory" and and


who has time for documents when
Chelsea is getting married tomorrow! Heck, I gotta scan 237 tv channels non-stop so's to see what's up with the latest on just Chelsea and the Deadskins... to say nothing of what is what with Charlie Wrangle and Charlie the Tuna...

Ed Baker

pee est today's NY TIMES:

nothing on front page about the Afgan 90,000 + docs HOWEVER and more importantly ON THE FRONT PAGE

to this


Ellen Degenerate is LEAVING immmediately American Idol! SHIT! and she still has 3 years on her "written in concrete" contract!

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Bob, T Rex is great but I think you're channeling Mott the Hoople (I like the image of Glitter Dad, by the way - Mom always did want him to change how he dressed (remember those jeans??). Mott the H had the *best* line ever:

"You're not the Nazz ... just a buzz ... some kinda temporary ..." (Hymn for the Dudes)

Tho T Rex's "Well you're slim and you're weak
You've got the teeth of a hydra upon you" has got to be way up there, too.

Ed, you're absolutely right. There are WAY more important things to think about. Like: what am I going to wear to Chelsea's wedding? As for the Deadskins, they are the pefect DC team, I think: promises promises.
With your comments and mine, another section of In the House of the Hangman begins to take shape. You'll be the dedicatees ...

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Bob, these days the worst are NOT filled with passionate intensity. They are filled with Jersey Shore or whatever it's called.

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