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Ed Baker

"The gas that escapes, what we don't flare, goes up to the surface and is gone," he said.


I was gonna say "FUCKING MORON" but wasn't sure I could say "Moron" and not get bleeped/out. hell only 40% methane? another gas that is colorless, odor-less and coming out is freon... and THAT gas has been banned in USA. ether might be another...

I betcha that methane was what was originally leaking out of that 6 " pipe on the oil rig

and, since it is/was odorless and undetectable some fucking moron lit a cigarette and.... BOOM!

I knew a plumber once whose father, also a plumber.

this was before "they" put the smell-stuff in natural gas that runs home apliances/furnaces/etc

TO CHECK to see if there was a gas-leak LIT A MATCH... the room that he was in was filled with odorless gas... and BOOM blew himself to King Dumb Come and the entire house a row house went up in flames and half the block .... destroyed.

nest day there was a crew ON THE SPOT picking through things salvaging the bricks to resell to reuse...

never did they find his father.... this was a Union Shop NYC

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Yeah, I think it was a methane bubble that originally blew.

"Fucking moron" is too kind. Fucking criminal.

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