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Ed Baker


via this live shot...

sure looks like they've pugged that leak!

now all that is necessary to do is to grind up all of the dead/contaminated sea-life and feed the mash to the chickens, cattle and pigs!

I mean there is always a way to "turn a profit" especially
in our entrapmenturial econome..

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Just took a look, Ed, doesn't look very plugged to me. But I think you're on to something ... why not market gulf sealife as "miraculously flavor-enhanced"??

Ed Baker

I am keeping my mouth AND mind
s.h.u.t and plugged jus' waiting for the movie and it s prequille:

The Mutant Ninja-Dolphin from the Black Delta Lagoon Gulf of
though I kant think of anything that can TOP


The Creature from the Black Lagoon
except maybe Beach Blanket Bingo!

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moncler outlet europa Zeitgeist Spam: Oil in the Gulf Update, 25 Jun 010, via NASA

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