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, because I was arniapepg a lot there; he was writing to flag up the fact some ‘changes’ were shortly going to be introduced for the benefit of the members' and also asked me if I could post a bit less often, before signing off best wishes'.My instinct thought it was alll rubbish; a man writing to me who was unable to get to the point of not wanting me there; but not having the ability to say it in Letters. I wrote back a two page assault about Free Speech; getting into the groove in my head, acting the part and denouncing him. This did the trick of getting it out my system, and thinking if I sent it he would love that kind of thing, because it would give him a perfect excuse to ban me; I didn’t send it and opted instead for the double bluff.‘Of course Travis, that’s no problem, thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to talk at Harriet.Sincerely.~I then took the step of making contact with Christopher Woodman, who I had only exhcnaged with in public on Harriet prior to contacting him. He is a seventy year old ex Harvard Oxford English lecturer, with a life and wife in Thailand, whose own itch to speak on Harriet and involvement with the Foetry scene; was because he believed he'd been ripped of by Joan Houlihan and was agitating for fixed manuscript competition coteries to be exposed.He informed me he'd also had the same e-mail from Nichols, as had Tom Brady (Thomas Graves) and in his mind, it was clear that we three who'd been spamming the most; were the only ones to get this heads-up from the Editor.I told him I thought the mail was a ploy by Travis; written in such a way as to get a windy response; which would then give him an excuse to put us on moderation. Woodman however made the mistake of falling into the trap and wrote back trying to debate with Travis; in a polite and passionately felt e-mail that gave Trav the excuse to promptly put him on moderation: his strategy to take us out one by one, clear in hindsight as it was only me, Woodman and ‘Brady’ who Trav wrote to.The upshot was he introduced the recommendation icon of ‘thumbs’ up or down, that he referred to as a neat expereiment'; and after seven clicks negative, the post was hidden from view. It was clear we were really doing his head in, but because we were also obviously sincere about our love for ditties, he had to go the long route instead of just being honest and telling us to **** off.~With Woodman on moderation; the cat and mouse with Travis, Graves (Tom Brady) and myself, continued all summer; and on 1 September 2009, with a new cohort of bloggers coming onto Harriet; Travis showed his true hand and just zapped all three of our accounts. No pre-warning, explanation or any communuication with us as to why. His silence an eloquent statement – you win, I lose', bcuz Trav couldn't compete intellectually he more or less said: **** off, I’ve had enough it’s nothing to do with poetry and everything to do with controlling how we act, what we say, all the phony shit.'I felt sorry most for Graves (who I knew then only as his nome de guerre Brady); because he was the one who didn't put a foot wrong in print there; never lost his cool, was unfailingly polite, and bcuz his argument (obsession) is waffling on about a shadowy diaboloical pact he posits the earliest Transandentalists conspired to life (and he is there to expose), that they and their offspring would one day control all of American poetry he wound up the squares somthing rotten with this dotty position; tho there was none of em there at Harriet who could whup him. Even tho it's obviously a laughable argument.Indeed it was great reading him tying all comers up in knots.This is why Travis kicked us off on 9/1 last year.~Indeed Oscar; I have had a chat gaffe in place for something like this, since the last time I had to go in and do a bit of public duty; after the main poetry gulag in the UK, controlled, like Harriet; by more or less one person; who the story is too long to tell; but the upshot is; here is a brand new space if you fancy dumping owt.I've had three chat gaffes in my time, and set up this fourth one two years ago; as a poetic act, after returning to the main UK stage and taking revenge in Letters on its owner, Jane Holland.~It was in the third one, called Literature Lovers; that I turned into a tosser who thought I had power just because I controlled a pane on a chat gaffe.Not that I knew it at the time. I got too deep into the acting, and because I knew things other members didn’t, like how to make things appear and disappear with the click of a mouse, I confused this with having real power. The truth was within two months of setting the site up, I had turned into a dictator.It had about six months and then died, when everyone left because I was such an arsehole, and once the effect of being a chat gaffe arsehole wore off, I thought, how very lucky I am to be back on the ground, because what happens is, I would have turned into Travis Nichols or Jane Holland and her little pony bridage; a ruthless deluded person with control of a mouse and hiding from myself the desire to be telling everyone else how to behave.gre1 agus sedoche1in

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