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Stephanie, you bring up a great point how is what BlazeVox is doing that far different from costents, especially when many costents simply fail to declare a winner and keep all the proceeds (or, as many a reputable contest has done, declared the winner a student of the final judge)? I can also think of another high-power press, which shall remain nameless, which has picked a winner in a first book contest, then declined to publish the manuscript. I think their main problem is the fact that BlazeVox didn't state this donation information up front, but left it until (what appears to be) the contracting stage. Frankly, it seems like a more sound strategy than deliberately scamming people in a contest structure. Laura, Gah. So frustrating. I often find the same thing to be true people will tell me they love the magazine, but I can tell from the lack of specificity about exactly *what* they loved that they haven't even picked up a copy from a subway floor. Maybe it's gauche of me to say as much, but it's not like we do this work for our health. We promote authors because we believe in them. I want potential authors to believe in themselves, this work, and this industry enough to pick up a copy of a journal maybe it's not LAR, maybe it's not Weave, but any dang journal and just read, support, and be a part of this literary organism.

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