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tom clark


In the house of the hangman these little spinning assemblages are the perfect furnishings, like cobwebs in a haunted casa. One brushes one's head against something in the dark, what was it? Oh right, the extruded junk of dying cultures.

Thanks for keeping an eye out for the signs of further suffering from Gaza, where it seems the suffering will never end.

Thanks too for remembering Peter. I've posted a little memorial for him:


tom clark


Small further thought.

Would you care to exchange links?

Assuming yes, I'm going to descend into the boiler room of the temple and link you in right now...

(And in case it's no, just tell me and I'll remove.)

Ed Baker

one should have "won" a Pulitzer
for/by just those 4 poems...

me thinks tha polotics and the news media RULE the Roost

:on every fucking level!

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Tom, I'll add you as a link right now. It's a pleasure to be in contact. And yeah, it's Gaza, and it's the Louisiana coast, and it's ... well, it's everywhere ... "Attention must be paid!" as my dad used to say ... (I think he was quoting Death of a Salesman ...)

And thanks, Ed. There's no hiding from the world. Especially not in a poem.

Omo Bob

Who was it that said "not much pisses me off that isn't human..."

Ed Baker

sounds like Henry Miller may have said/wrote that.

and your dad said that
my dad said "Poetry? What the hell are you going to do with
t h a t?"
(wish he was alive to see how famous Poetry has made me...

speaking of Henry Miller... I just today received a "like new" copy of Judson Crews'
The Brave Wild Coast
postage cost more than the book!

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Omo Bob, the ONLY things that piss me off are human ...


United have not commented on why Mr Klint was faraway from the plane but as a substitute have informed Mr Klint that an 'extensive inside investigation' is underway. They have also supplied a statement about their coverage:


The alleged abduction happened Saturday every time a guy broke into his estranged wife's your home in Longmont, Colo., blasted her by having a stun gun and pepper spray and kidnapped threeyearold Luke Turner.


We have developed a secure, affluent island in an financial state that is definitely suffering beneath the bodyweight of the riches these on the island extract.


Scientists in Calif. obtained $325,000 of taxpayer funds to create 'RoboSquirrel," within an work to work out if a rattlesnake would consume it. (Picture: CNN)


details and we permit it get absent. They place us inside of a hole all over again after fighting back again."


Just after having an image of your vacant seat before him, a combat attendant ran more than and explained to him he couldn't choose an image and was escorted through the plane.Creating with regards to the encounter in his vacation blog page, Mr Klint suggests he was explained to the having of pictures violates United's policy. The policy appears on the inflight journal:


1. Take a look at the authorized promises created to Alaska at Statehood from the Federal government for accessing and building our lands and resources.


getting credit score for consumers now evacuated by Administration plus the Troops. FEKU AT Succeed Yet again (SIC), the former Madhya Pradesh Main Minister posted on Twitter.


3. Up grade our other infrastructure: like electrical, interaction and computer system networks. It's significantly less expensive to maintain infrastructure than to replace it


"He was happy. He smiled. He walked exterior the doorway at a single point when his father went to get one thing within the truck and . explained, 'That's my father.'"

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