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Darcie, I have a 7 month old shepherd mixed puppy who is sttairng to get aggressive towards my other 3 dogs at breakfast and dinner time. I feed them in the basement together, in the laundry room, and within the past 2 weeks the puppy is growling at the other dogs while I'm getting their food ready. The other dogs are 1-1/2 years old, 3 years old and 9 years old. I make them all sit and wait, then give them their food, and he's fine with that, but during preparation, he's growling and is trying to go after them. I know I have to stop this quickly. Other than during the preparation of the food, he plays with all of them, and shows no aggressions towards any of them .they play with toys together, sleep together, get along great. It's only during mealtime. Do you have any recommendation? TammyDear Tammy, Seven month old pups seem to be like pre teen boys, finding their weight and if they can throw it around. Patience may be a virtue but the excitement of food coming can raise energy which can come out like aggression. Generally it takes a little understanding on the dog's part that you don't get to act like that or you don't get what you want .like food.First try to find out for sure that it really is the pup causing the trouble. A video camera set up and played back in slow motion is an excellent way to see if one or more of the other dogs could be doing something to make the pup growl. It happens all the time that we blame the wrong one. When you know for sure who it is or if it is the pup, you can solve it from there.In the meantime, if it was me, I'd make certain that everyone had a great walk or run for an hour before the meal prep, drain that energy. I'd put them all on down stays or sit stays during prep, waits are too easy to break when they are excited. If anyone acts up, they have to leave the room alone. Shut the door behind them and they don't get to come back for a full 15 seconds to start, then 30 seconds, then 1 minute. Let them back in after each time out and try again. Act as if it's normal: You growl, you go into another room. We mind our manners in this house. Put the dog out gently but quickly so going out is attached to the bad behavior, no harshness, no spanking, no yelling. It's really best if you don't talk at all except to say Uh oh! . Put the bad dog out. Let them back in. Good behavior means they get to stay, bad behavior, out they go. The bad guy may miss a few meals if the behavior doesn't improve quickly. It won't kill them. Loss of attention, food, and company means a great deal to a dog, if used right, it can be a great teacher.Some trainers would advise that you walk out of the room and don't come back for 15 seconds. Someone growls, you say Uh OH! , stop preparing food (make sure no one can get to it, that's the trouble with this method), flounce out of the room, no need to shut the door just go do something else. Get a drink of water or a bite of something to eat for yourself. The dogs will more than likely follow you to see what the heck you're doing. Nobody gets to eat if anybody is bad. I'm not against that either. And in some instances, it works.Whichever one you try, keep it up. Don't cave by feeding too early and Uh OH! instantly when the bad thing happens. Timing is important.Dogs don't like to be separated from us or our food. Making company, attention, or food unavailable often works to fix these little problems. Let us know how it goes. Darcie


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