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Ed Baker

well: I

suppose that
it is now (past) time for
Poets to "take-on"

Dialectal Materialism


"pick-up the slack"?

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Well, somebody has to show what's behind the "death panel" "difference" of 53 and 55% ... it might was well be poets ... they can't fire us ... since they never hired us in the first place!

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I'd also be really inettesred in the details of your plans, Rand. For example, given that you had a fortune to invest, why would you build sub-orbital craft first, and not just work on an orbital craft straightaway? For the suborbital tourist dollars? For the learning experience? Why would you build a winged HTOL craft like Lynx and not something more like Masten's & Armadillo's VTOL approach? Given your hopes for the development for the rest of the solar system, any thoughts on what you'd do beyond LEO would be even more interest. Would you stick to chemical rockets? Would you (also) fund the long-neglected development of solar sails or the long-neglected development of nuclear-powered systems? Would you have interest in the many varied kinds of beamed propusion? I'd really enjoy reading about what you do with respect to space, if you were very very rich. I've understood for years that you believed that a lot of approaches should be tried, and that the market should decide, but it would be interesting to read about where you would spend your money.The other Bob

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