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Jon Cone

That is an impressive, clean and elegant, display of books ... and the choice is (in the case of Eigner) an inspiring one, and (in the case of Kant) a daunting one.

Rebecca Loudon

I Kant read all these books.

John Bloomberg-Rissman

I'm actually getting Kant, Rebecca, much to my surprise. Not ever last detail of course, but the general "architectonic" (nice big word, eh?)

I don't suggest trying unless you're really into philosophy, which I am, because I think it's another kind of poetry, just as poetry is, I think, another kind of philosophy.

Ed Baker

from Miller's HAMLET LETTERS

(a real "gas" to read.. especially in my advanced 'condition' of:

(page 45:

"About Kant at least we can say that he erected his thought into a system, and though that system may be utterly repugnant, utterly useless to most of us, nevertheless it bears the stamp of creativity"

anyway.. Miller is writing/speaking "to" Hamlet in this Letter # 5

this is the Hargraves (editored) edition...abridged first American edition 1988..

Capra Press

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Ed, Miller was totally wrong about Kant. He may have found Kant repugnant, can't argue with that, but it's kind of irrelevant. It's surprising how much of his system is still with us, how inescapable his shadow is. Almost everybody talks a Kant-inflected language, without even realizing it. Even if they're fighting it with all their might. So I don't think it's right to say his system's useless, even if we don't know we're using it ...


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