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wow, on what planet did that fool mroden come from anyway? You don't have to join a union ? In Ohio? You are kidding right?Ever heard of right to work sonny? In right to work states employees are not required to join a union to get a job. In Ohio if you want to work in a union shop, and the gummint is a union shop, you MUST join the union or at the least pay the dues, which are withheld from pay by the employer.Once that auto withhold is gone, the union thugs will be without a significant amount of money. This is why they hire street walkers like mroden. They are in the fight of their lives and they know it. If it takes hiring obvious shills to win this, they will.And if they win, what do the taxpayers in Ohio get? the shaft. More jobs will flee. More potential employees will flee. Texas and some of our neighboring states that did a better job of bringing the running dogs of marxism to heel will feast on our failure.Once all the productive people have left us Modern, who then will you screw?

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