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rebecca loudon

I was so hungry for a poem this morning. This is the one. Thank you.


Paree Avec Mon CigarYou could be listening to Ma VlastIn a bsrito, readingThe Heart Is a Lonely HunterOr hunched beneath Notre DamesCounting les heures before a heistWorking up a heuristicFor the hairless coconut you found on a sandbarOff Pago PagoIt doesn't matterAnyone can say anything here,Most etiquettes, dreams, and quick bidettesAre de rigeur and tres o.k.: Oy Vey It’s Paris.No etymologies please or epiphaniesNo striptease down to the red stilettosOn the deck of the ferry from MarseillesJust bring poppiesTrifle to the EiffelAnd we'll do the restIn our bain marieIn the maraveille that is Paris.In the Bohemian QuarterShe with the cache of ben oo la la ballsTrills a chanson on the skin flute’There is a riotous hoisting of all petardsIn fact D' Artagnan’s hereBien sur, Stein with uber-Alice and her tender button,And dear lachrymose Chopin Gershwin knew enough to swimWith Hemingway and F. Scott's Nick CarrawayIn spite of that foul-mouthed SartreDust of the ages in the windThe perennial verdure of TullieresThe goosed foie gras that gives you dysenteryAnd I may have forgotten to mentionAll that phenomenal artMonet Gaugin RodinToo loose Lautrec Manet the balletDebussy Delibes Ravel FaureAnd never forget the Perrier JoeutThe motet, the cadet the pliesThe pirouette the glissadeThe certemente the barrageYou’ll be exhaustedIt will have cost youBut you haven’t livedUntil you’ve been doneBy Paris.copyright Jenne' R. Andrews2011 all rights reserved

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