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so you were quiet for about 10 minutes i see.

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Yeah, and it drove me crazy!


We can't rise up against those rnlioespbse because they are called voters and the vote is hidden. Decade after decade, Big Brother grey ooze opm theories are voted in and the results are always the same. In the case of optical fibre, in 1987 my neighbour in Belgium [a solid state physicist] had a friend who made optical fibre. I was very excited and told him he could be onto a huge winner.Subsequently, optical fibre made huge inroads around the world, removing 1000km wide pot holes in the information super highway. I have invested in optical fibre companies and other telecom companies. I wanted to invest in optical fibre in NZ. I bought Vector shares [a piffling allocation after I had offered a huge amount more money]. Lucky for me. I had thought that Vector would invest in optical fibre everywhere and had already installed some. That was the plan. Then the government decided, having fraudulently sold me Vector shares, that the return on capital would be limited to something less than bank rates [or thereabouts]. The management of Vector sensibly informed the government that capital investment was now on hold and that included optical fibre.The government decided they wanted optical fibre and the rest is history. As you write, investors like me won't go near investing in fibre now because our property will be stolen by the government or they will simply establish a "fair" price meaning no return on capital or some pathetic amount for the risk. So, I continue to invest in Cyberspace in the USA, Japan, and some here [in Zenbu wifi] but that's relatively immune to government depredations. Meanwhile, the government had the vaunted Innovation conference and the great jamboree "The Knowledge Wave" which I did not attend - I was too busy actually building the knowledge wave infrastructure and wasn't invited anyway. Then the government made it illegal to inform companies about knowledge wave technology via email. But their "anti-spam" law didn't stop spamsters in Russia, China and Nigeria who never heard of the law. Still unsatisfied with their efforts to stop the Knowledge Wave they spent so much opm on, they introduced the copyright infringement law and $15,000 fine and loss of business so that now accommodation providers are frightened of offering more than a smidgeon of wireless internet to their guests lest the accommodation provider be fined for what their guests or others in the vicinity download from Megaupload and others. NZ could host 10s of thousands or even 100s of thousands of Geeks who would like to live here, in nice places like Papamoa or Kerikeri, or Taupo Bay, working via Cyberspace, over high speed wireless and supersonic fibre via many redundant routes [for reliability]. I don't bother writing this to government people because they are immune to such thinking if Helengrad is not in control and clipping the ticket.

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