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rebecca loudon


Alan Baker

Congratulations John! An epic project, and an epic list of names! Here's to Zeitgesit Spam! Four parts? Nah! May it never end!

Ed Baker

where then phuck is my name?
what AM Eye: chopped liver?!

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Did I forget to mention you, Ed? Dear god ... You WILL be named in the published notes, that's for sure. Thanks for catching this!

richard lopez

utterly mindblowing project! and fantastic news. your work gets my blood pumping and the synapses firing. that's right, suckas!, i'm all fired up!

Ed Baker


thanks for including me

:can you move me to the top of the


why in the first place this list

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Why the list? Because integral to this project is it's collage-like nature. I have an offer from the publisher to publish in 2 vols, one text, the other notes - full notes - and, between us, they are very full. At least one reader tells me that he finds the notes as fun as the text. I want to make sure I don't miss anyone.

Carlos Henrickson

Use the words and the spirit.


Oh my. This is...cosmic.

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Thanks, Carlos, Jean. Carlos, if you look at FCF 105 you will be able to tell ME if I've betrayed your spirit. I certainly hope not.

Karen Alkalay-Gut

i just discovered this site and find the project very interesting - Aside from the fact that I loved Ed Baker's request to go to the top of the list, and the fact that my poems were used, I don't know much about the rules of this project. Want to share it?

John Bloomberg-Rissman

Hi Karen--

FCF was en epic dance-party consisting virtually entirely of samples from thousands of artists including you who enabled me to respond responsibly to I dunno what to call it - my (our?) life/lives in the world?

Tho it was built in 120 sections, it is one long 700 page poem. It will be published in 2 vols sometime later this year (it's just waiting on the cover art) - vol 2 consists entirely of program notes. Each section was constructed "algorithmically", i.e. I had constraints - sources, the order in which I was to use them, etc - going in.

Let's see, what else? I was trying to compose a "poem including history" (E Pound) because I find my own lyric preoccupations relatively pitiful - I mean, who cares whether a bird flies by, so to speak, as long as the oil continues to gush into the gulf? The poem's not directly "political", at least it's only occasionally directly "political"; I just figured "if I let the zeitgeist speak, I'll hear the (hmm hmm) "truth" of our times in its concerns."

Does this help at all?


wonderful! I learned about my own place in the zeitgeist and I'm going back now to change my poems

Belstaff Outlet

So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)


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Good review Graham. Though I didn't have any perosnal experience with the older Truth designs, their reputation wasn't particularly great. Good to see the oft-reviled Behringer actually putting in the effort and releasing some worthwhile gear. I also remember their ADA8000 converter turning some heads a few years back (minus some alias ringing, but eh what're you gonna do for $200?)I'd still like to hear more actual cons. One common thing I find to be deficient in lower end monitors is imaging basically how wide the stereo field is and how accurately it recreates the depth of the recording. How did the B1030As fare in this regard?


Is the State of Texas so naive as to think just providing gilneiudes will cover up their "mistake"? I work in an Outsourced Call Center and part of that job is to take calls and enroll customers in free Identity protection from leaks like this. It is one of the lead ID Theft protection company's out there. If I were affected I would get that protection and bill Texas for it since it was their mistake in the first place.


Well, hope that beside all the luaggge you took your great shape with you so that you can once again show us amazing jumps in Almaty.Don't know if I will have time to watch, but I wish you good luck!


Thanks & much appreciate your time for that riveew! Now I have a very basic question:- When I purchase 2 of these monitors, do I connect each of them to the mixer/audio interface or is daisy chaining them a better option? I would want to test some panning effects with them. I'm quite unsure of the cabling aspects & hence the question.


haven't been to your website for ahilwe and then boom you made two more blogging babies! Very cool! =)this writing is very tasty and good for the brain. My first question in mind after reading is that, what makes this generation become the way they are right now? The short-slighted, drug addict, do it my way mindset, etc (not trying to be depressed, it is the reality, and of cus I hope hope!) The answer of this question probably is a complex one, but I think it is good to investigate til the root of the problem so that we can have a better understanding and better solution to solve the problem. We can't change the world but at least we can start from our own (church) kids =). Second question in mind is, what is the real purpose of education and schooling? (I have been struggling this from finishing my engineering degree) Is it really about getting a good job to make money? or is it suppose to be a life discovery process to learn about life skills such as discipline, creativity, ability to adapt changes, organization, or so on. In my opinion, those life skills are much much much important then the knowledge we gain itself from school. I am not saying school doesn't provide those life skill training, I think student does learn about those life skill indirectly from all the school loads, but I am just saying that maybe school haven't emphasize enough on the real purpose of schooling, and giving an wrong idea to student thinking the purpose of going to school is to get a good job and make a lot of money. (maybe I am basis spending from a Chinese perspective :P)p.s. this also applies to Churches too how we emphasize to the wrong thing.anyways, just some thoughts :P. love your article!! nerd lolp.s.s. there are much I think I can learn from you!! I am trying to discover how to teach the kids better and more effective at Church (and at home when i become a father in the future ..LONG way to go lol)


The sound card in most laptop coemutprs are a little lacking. The average one will have a red and white RCA out for audio, but that only gives you stereo sound. Some more advanced premium laptops will have HDMI and/or a coaxial digital audio output. If your laptop doesn't have audio output or the output options limit it to stereo you could buy either an external sound card or a PCMCIA one. Sound Blaster is the most common but there are other brands also.


What a beautiful room! The prlebom with today's libraries is that they're too safe. Not enough high shelves on narrow walkways. Not enough danger. This one has all the danger you'd expect from a library. Even the Por favor, ne3o mexa nos livres signs. Imagine the rush you'd get from dodging the old librarian and reaching for some dusty Portuguese volume of forbidden knowledge!


they made a link on the auction site to this video as an exlapme how good their product is ;p lol not even a little info about the model they were selling(even there were 2 different pictures: one showing Veho, the other(in low quality) showing what they were propobably really selling), good I did not let myself to be cheated. Just making sure ya will buy good stuff. Oh, btw, really nice microscope, gonna buy it, better pay extra money to get the right/real thing


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