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Great discussion, and hard to disagree with the Jazz and Spurs as frontrunners.

So what about the relationship between a talent culture and results? Clearly you can have up-and-down teams that win it all (Celtics, Lakers) in good years and then have down times while they reload. You can also have talent-oriented teams that have consistent success (I'd be worried if they didn't).

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:9.5 Joe Johnson misses the great look for a three, David West gets the rebound ices the game with free throws, and now the game is over. Pacers fans, you are 7 0 for the first time in team history, go crazy!

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:38 Mark that down as a Down 94 91, Joe Johnson literally found Kevin Garnett inside the restricted circle and two feet away from the hoop. As Garnett caught the ball, Roy Hibbert came over from the help side and went straight up, forcing Garnett to push up a floater over Hibbert extended arm. The outcome? Complete air ball, the rock eventually lands out of bounds, and Pacers get the ball. Game effectively over Or not, because Paul George just turned the ball over. This is probably why I not an NBA coach.

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6:00 I just going to call the Roy Hibbert stat I referenced above as Hibbert just forced one on Brook Lopez, who tried to take Hibbert base line and swing the ball up from under the hoop with his dribbling hand, but Hibbert forced Lopez to throw up a bad shot that went over the rim. I all in on the stat, Pacers lead 60 53.

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3:12 Brooklyn starts to come back, and with the Nets down 90 87, George Hill dribbles the ball from 20 seconds on the clock down to 13 and follows this up with a running floater through the lane. If it goes in, Hill looks like a genius, but since he missed, I should point out that Brooklyn is fighting their way back into this game and Paul George hasn shot the ball since the 7:26 mark in the quarter.

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