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Deep creases/darkness under eyes?Hi evoynere,I am a full time working 24 year old young lady. I work early mornings (7am-3pm) and I wake up daily at 5AM. In one year after finishing university and working full time, I noticed much stress has accumulated in my life. The stress of new responsibilities, working my you know what off, constant back pain, a new health issue have really added to my appearance and overall feel as a person.I've noticed deep creases accumulating under my eyes within the past 6-8 months. At my age, it's embarrassing to have these deep creases. It makes me look a lot older than I really am and it makes me feel horrible.To reduce the appearance of the deep crease and darkness under my eyes, I bought a highly rated eye wrinkle cream by La Roche Posay called Active C Eyes which was recommended for people with sensitive eye areas, which is what I have. I read a lot of reviews on the product and could not find ONE negative review. I also asked the beautician at one of the drug stores and this is what she recommended for my eye. To this day I am still trying this eye care product, but with 0% improvement. This is really not an exaggeration, it's reality. The only thing I've found this product to be is very moisturizing and non irritating. Other than that, I see no improvement in my under eye appearance so this makes me think that this is an eye moisturizer, not an anti aging eye product.I don't know what to do. I want to use a product that will work for my sensitive under eye skin area and something that will work. I don't expect miracles over night, but I do expect improvement in time. I don't mind spending a little more as long as I know the product will work.Anyone have similar problems and if so, what works? Any products? Please help!! Thanks


Best eye cream for 18 yr old?I'm looking for a stnrdaad sort of eye cream that is anti-aging. Something you can buy from the drug store, nothing too terribly fancy. Most of the eye creams that I've read reviews on from MakeUpAlley are all anti-wrinkle, helps dark circles, etc. etc. They're specifically formulated to fix certain problems. I don't have any of those problems around my eyes (yet) and so I'm really just looking for something to add to my skin care routine that would prevent or lessen the effects of those problems.Hope that makes sense. Thanks for your help!Oh p.s. I've tried only one eye cream, it was like L'oreal Genesis Preventive whatever. It was awful; irritated my eyes and made my eyelids shrink.I normally don't have that sensitive of skin though, just as a reference.

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